Friday, December 02, 2005

So now I have a blog

BFD....but at least I might as well explain the name of the blog....I'm not the Kinky Freedman sidekick Little Jewford....but thats where I got the nickname. Back in the day I worked P/T at Highland Park Cyclery in Central the time everyone got a nickname....the guy who spoke castillian spanish at home was "the mexican", the 5' 4' guy who was planning to enter marines was "the Conlonel", Moss was Moss, he already had a nickname, and since I was the jewish guy (in a jewish town who had a MTB custom painted like an El AL plane) and the owner frequently played K.F. I got the nickname Little Jewford....not a P.C. place but fuck it , we enjoyed ourselves. I dont miss Jersey but I miss those days in the shop....



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