Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mr. Professor...

Whats another name for pirate treasure? Well I (and I am a professor) think its BOOTY!

Ya peninsula bitches....VelcoCache Monterey #3 is dead. Which is fitting, since it was hidden in The San Carlos Cemetery .
Picked it up on the way into work....

Actually, I'm shocked it was still there, considering it was simply sitting behind a small headstone, there were a bunch of groundskeepers out and I know the cemetery is often a hangout for homeless/angst filled youth.

Rolled into the office to covet my find....oooooh I wonder what's inside?

No pet meds (bummer!) but not a bad haul for a 5 minute detour! Lunch (PBR and the tootsie pop), headgear, bottle opener (can never had enough), window dressing for the office and not only a front brake but an allen key to install it...how thoughtful!

I'd like to thank Inspector Javert for getting the fun rolling .... I've got to admit I felt a little weird poking around a Catholic Cemetery, being of an "alternate lifestyle" and all, but I brought along a copy of the Nostra Aetate, just in case.

I think its about time someone else does some hidin'. So the inspector can join the fun.

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