Wednesday, December 28, 2005

One more for today .... Max ... RIP

Stacy (my S.O.) and I lost our dobe Max to some sort of lung disease soon after moving to was unexpected, but he didnt suffer and we had 6 plus great years with our dopy dobe. One of the best things about Max , and any adopted pet is that I could wake up every day feeling good that I saved my best friends life ...... anyone who tells you they NEED to get a puppy/kitten/baby whatever so "they can bond with me" is talking 100% shit...there is no nice way to say it. When you adopt you get the advantage of knowing the personality of the pet your getting (I'll never understand why people think knowing the parents of a pet tells you more about what the dog/cat/whatever will be like then simply going to a rescue or shelter and meeting a adult pet that has been evalutated) PLUS there is a special me crazy (you wont be the first) but they KNOW you saved them and they return you kindess 5000x in puppy love....nothing beats it ..... so if your going to get a pet go to and save a life.

below is a pic of max ... in Adam Fuckin Hodges Myersons Car ..... he was a good boy ... who will be missed (not by our little cat Rescue ... who suddenly has become an extrovert since Max's passing)


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