Thursday, January 12, 2006

So THATS what it means.

I love the WWW. Last night Stacy and I had a disagreement about the use of the term "Cleveland Steamer" on the Daily Show . So of course I flick on the PC and throw the term into google and find the 411 (look it up) on the online Urban Dictionary .... i especially like that they use each term in a sentance.

Now whe you hear "I'm from tha Dirty South, best believe u gonna see a gold grill when u look in my mouth!" you'll know what they are refering too

speaking of Grills and Fronts Mr. Slick Rick is doing a show in Monterey on Jan 20th F'd up is that?
"Well that's true that's why we never have know Beef so I washed off the soap and brushed the Gold teeth" Slick Rick Ladi Dadi 1984

anyways ... so far my favorite is the def. for Skeet .... "Skeet Skeet Skeet bitchas!"


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