Thursday, May 18, 2006

Commuting Bliss

Trying to commute on 2 wheels 4 times this week, partly because its bike to work week, partly because I haven't ridden since my pre-vegas crash. I rolled out of bed and onto the bike this am a little grogy and very I was uber jazzed (usage of german in honor of Fat Jans win today ) when I ran across the Light and Motion/Winning Wheels/ Jessie May Massage sponsored tent (pics here) on the path on cannery row. I had totally forgotten about the refueling stations around town today ... (for those of you who dont know what the device to the right is....its the bike powered xtra-cycle blender)

Tonight Stacy and I head up to SC to see "We Jam Econo" (doc. about the Minutemen, the band not the rednecks on the US/Mex border) along with a stop at Charlie Hong Kongs ... its good to get out of Monterey at least once a week, makes me feel sort of withit hip urban, which would be totally opposite of how I felt sat night when I was at Dr. Ricketts, which was like being trapped in a 3rd rate rap video.


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