Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Crashn' into Vegas

So I survived vegas, barley, after I got off to a rough start. Much like Q.B. I had a bonehead crash on Thursday less then 12 hours before my flight out of SJ. I wanted to commute into Hopkins so I hopped on the road bike and headed out for my normal inter-garrison, CSUMB, bikepath ride. As I roll up to about 6th street there is construction everywhere so I headed through a parking lot and down a "Campus Vehicles Only" road.... I was in a rush at this point and not paying attention on a downhill when I smacked into a golfcart sized mini-speedbump that I didnt see. I couldnt save it and went over the bars with a good thud. Damage: some good road rash on my left shoulder and arm, a bruised hip, a dead pneumo helmet, a dead vest, a dead jersey, dented top tupe and what I thought were 2 roached DA 9sp shifters.

After grabbing the car from Stacy, going home, cleaning up, calling the office (we were moving labs and I would be pretty useless that day) and recovering a bit I headed for Winning Wheels and what I expected would be some real bad news. To my suprise the frame wasnt bent, the shifters worked and Hector had the parts IN STOCK to fixed the cosmetic damage....I was crazy impressed. I havent lived near a shop that keeps those type of parts in stock in a long time...thanks to WW I should be back on the road on Wed.

Vegas....it was packed and rockin due to the Dela Hoya fight and a big Supercross event.....I'll let the bachelor speak for me .... here is his mini summary of the weekend (I bolded my name for your viewing pleasure):

Hey, has anyone seen the movie 'GO'? I would love to see the weekend as a ten minute summary taken from each idiot's point of view. I think the footage would make me queasy. Awards? Seaman:luckiest/richest, Pete:most likely to move to Columbia, Rich:warm reunion with tequilla, Carleton:grammar/pronunciation, Drew:best job of swallowing own vomit, Todd:"The Babysitter" and totally uninteligible 5am phone messages, Kebler:sleeps while maid dusts him, Corro:sleeps while friends make him eat and drink, Byron aka Rockstar:blackjack and golf journeyman, Litvin:best take-it-to-the-edge-of-anihilation-and-pull-it-back-only-to-bodycheck-waitress-and-sail-off-into-the-sunrise-with-the-police-chasing-him night and to myself I bestow biggest sucka for most expensive/least satisfying stripper experience in history.

So I got back Sunday night and I'm still graggin ... but I did get to SC on monday to pick up Stacy's super secret b-day present (friday) plus I noticed "We Jam Econo" (doc. on the Minutemen) is playing the Rio next week .... Stacy and I are going to hit it, anyone else interested?



Blogger shaky detritovore said...

Dude! What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!



9:41 PM  
Blogger Pancho said...

Good to see you in Midland......a get my picture took with you!

11:52 AM  

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