Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Its offical .... the editor of VN is a douchebag

From todays letters section:

Hey Velo!
Can we get a shout-out for Danny Summerhill? The kid's stepped on two cross podiums since heading for Europe last month, and more can't be far behind. I raced against him in the Cat 4 class three seasons ago; the next year he won the Cat 3 state champs; for the past two years he's been national champ in his class, and now he's showing the Belgians what for.

Write it down: Summerhill will be America's first 'cross world champion.
Philip Higgs
Boulder, Colorado

We have to assume, Philip, that you mean elite world champ', because good old Matt Kelly holds the distinction of being the first, wrapping up the junior title at the world's in Poprad, Slovakia, in 1999, the same year Tim Johnson scored the bronze in the U-23's race. Quite a weekend that was. - Editor

and quite an douchebag you are.....instead of saying "Ya...your right...the guy deserves some props" (and maybe actually trying to do their job a little better) Velo Schmooz decides to pull the "i'm a cooler biker then you because I know more bike trivia (and have more schwag from interbike) then you" .... what an asshole. The print mag no longer serves as the resource for european results it once was and they havent lifted the quality of their writing to make it worth paying for today. I'm always shocked when they waste 50 words doing a crappy summary of some race ... skip it, leave it for the internet, and put your resources into doing some decent in depth race reporting.

Maybe they are just pissed surpasses them in about everyway when it comes to the online world of cycling coverage .... and dont even get me started on that pile o' crap known as pez cycling news ... except for the pics of hotties of course.



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