Tuesday, September 26, 2006

and Turkey wants in the EU?

Yet they pull this shit...

What are they thinking? I don't think anyone is supportive of Kurdish nation including a breakaway region of Turkey yet the Turkish government feels they should try people for any type of "pro-kurdish" actions...Including writing a letter opposing the shut down of a foreign based Kurdish TV station .... yes the station broadcasts sepratist attacks on Turkish targets but prosecuting those who voice their opinion (nobody claims they directly support any kind of violent acts) is completely out of bounds .... and its not like there is a free media system within Turkey where the Kurdish "voice" can be heard ..... you don't realize the desperation of Turkish Kurds unless you've seen it

I am anti "terrorism", including attacks by the PKK, and other similar groups but when the reaction is a total oppression of a peoples identity.....Well I just don't get it...

dreams are free .... motherfuckers....


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