Thursday, July 12, 2007

douche - bag....

So its a beautiful morning on the Monterey Peninsula and I'm enjoying the commute into work ... ya know its warm down here when the lizards are out sunning themselves before 9am.

So I'm heading up a little rise outside Sand City and catch out of the corner of my eye someone about to make the 180 to start the rise and I think "hey, I'll slow down (trust me...I wasnt going that fast to start with), enjoy the view, say hello, talk smack about how nice it is, ect". It takes a while but on the flat behind the shopping plaza he catches me .... 30 something, MTB with slicks, paniers, 1986 Avenir helmet, headphones on....instead of any recognition he's working hard to cruise by me and gives me a little look over the shoulder and a grit of the teeth.....without changing my cadence I'm back up his butt on the next rise and just pedal by....

Not to label (notice I didnt include a unflattering picture from the web of some stereotypical commuter who hasn't mailed order new shorts or a helmet in a decade) but why do these type of commuters always think rolling into work is a me, catching me is no big prize...even if I'm pedaling my ass off. Anyway, as the hippies say it sort of "ruined my vibe"....but there was no denying it was a beautiful morning and his rude intuition into my morning commute was quickly forgotten.

and...from my cousin MO , for your amusement:

"Maybe you've already seen it, but it's fun to make fun of NJS posers:

For instance (from the Brooklyn Craigslists):

You ran over my cat with your fixed gear track bike- m4w - 24

Reply to: [deleted] Date: 2007-07-09, 10:30AM EDT

You were the tall, skinny girl in the skinny jeans and winter cap who ran over my cat because you could not stop your fixed gear track bike in time. Don't you think you should pay my vet bills? Also, I thought you were cute, even if in a stinky and reckless sort of way. Maybe if we get over this hump we can go hang out together and stuff.

Everything about this post screams that it's a fake, but I prefer to pretend that it isn't. I also hope Judd Apatow reads Craigslist. This should be his next movie."


Blogger What I Think said...

Hey - I hope you're not talking about me as one of those folks clipping photos from the internet to illustrate annoying commuters! Though the no-handed woman I used came from a website devoted to an organization of women who like to ride their bikes no-handed, which is worthy of comment all on its own.

As for my fantastic track crash photo, it came from Yahoo sports.


10:49 AM  

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