Friday, June 05, 2009


I'm riding a bit more again ... just the last couple of weeks, but for me its a big change. I'm not "training" for anything, and have no desire to, but I'm having fun.

It's funny what little things you get to experience when your on the bike often. Last night right after work I met Don and a friend from the lab for a jaunt up and around Pebble Beach. Great ride; we talked about philanthropies, how we all go into cycling, the art of folding tubulars and host of other group ride approved subjects. As we rolled back into PG I realized that with the car in the shop I'd also have to ride home to the Ord ... no biggie except I worried a little about the amount of daylight, though all of my commute is off busy roads and most of it is on a bike path.

As I rolled the last mile towards home I realize I havn't raced the setting sun in a long time. Brought back memories of weekday training rides, where as the typical post ride B.S. flew the sun would set and then, in the edge of night, we would ride our separate directions home.

Why does finishing your ride in the orange glow of the sunset make you feel like you've ridden that little bit harder?



Blogger reverend dick said...

Because you have, that's why.

Kinky would be proud.

9:18 PM  

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