Wednesday, January 25, 2006

CAT FIGHT! might be last weeks news .... but with Cousing MO and my best friend since 3rd grade (and master cheesemaker) "The Yoda" in town over the last two weekends its been a blur of bikes, booze, food and fun.

Anyway seems there was a bit of a smack down kitty fight on the Mid-Atlantic Cyclocross Yahoo Group message board ... in one corner, holding it down for the East Coast, was Sharon and in the other was Queen-bella herself (and here crew of velo-fella's ), representing Nor-Cal and flashing the pink bling bling. You can get the sumary on the queens blog but if you want to see everything both sides spit you'll have to check out the thread on the MAC board.

Basically it ends up being a top down (EC) versus bottom up (NCAL) thing (not to say the EC scene isnt fun or the surf - city and cccx races dont have elite racers) .... the EC with a full calendar of UCI events and about 40 women racers per event in two cats or NCAL with more masters/b/c women, a lot of sweet prizes, a super fun vibe but zippo UCI points (in 06-07) and less cash. So who is "right" ... neither ... its just a different take .... do I think its strange that there are no UCI events in NCAl ... yes .... do I wish there would be more of a fun vibe and beer at EC events .... sure ... but I'm not sure there is any one place that can do it all ... yet .... maybe this can all be settled on neutral turf .... Kansas 2007?


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