Thursday, February 09, 2006

Bike Therapy

After last week, where I got 5 good rides in, this week has been a bit of a bust ... no energy on Tuesday or Wed. to ride ... work/shopping/eat/zone/sleep has been about it.

Last night I swore I would at least commute into work today and ride home with the Thursday Hopkins Happy Ride. Got up bleary eyed as usual, had a cup of joe, and hoped on the bike for my about hour ride into the station....after about 5 minutes I felt great and by the time I hit the path I was awake enough to realize its a crazy beautiful day and I had avoided sitting in Pro Am traffic on 1. Had a great ride, got my 15 minutes of mid in, and rolled into the station as a bunch of seals were playfully jumping around a sea otter and her pup .... after a shower and a fresh cup of Acme Coffee I sat back a thought how great a little ride can make you feel.


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