Monday, March 27, 2006

So I'm Registered for the Otter

Had a blast the last two weekends checking out the otter course with a couple of my co-workers at hopkins . Considering the course is in my backyard (litteraly) it was about time I got out and saw what the BLM trails have to offer anyways.

While its not a huge deal sporting wise that I'm doing the race (as of this morning there were 124 people registered for the beg men 35-29 xc race and I'm not in good shape, even for me) its a big triumph "having fun through cycling" wise. Last couple of years I fell into that "I'm not going to do anything "competative" unless I'm in the best shape of my life" trap . Back in the day (91?) I'd do a 101 mile mtb race with what I'd today consider scary little miles in my legs...why...because is was fun. Riding with Mike, Christian and the rest of the Hopkins thursday critical mass crowd (a thursday afternoon sort of all inclusive road ride) has made me enjoy cycling in a way I havent the last couple of years.

Looking forward to getting a little more fit and checking out what the rest of the Monterey Bay group rides have to offer ...

later ... LJ


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