Thursday, March 30, 2006

Pro Cycling Tour (Philly Week) Heading for my Hometown

The gossip mongers on "The Pros Stuff" mentioned it first:

Inside Scoop:
- We hear that Philly and Lancaster are on this year, Trenton has been replaced with a very hard circuit race in the Blade Runner-esque ville of Reading. It's about an hour NW of Philly and has twice the de-industrialization of Trenton.

and a quick check of the PCT website confirms it ... if its the traditional "pagoda" course its going to be one ass kicker of a race ... no flat n fast crit here .... check out the profile (pdf file) or some pics from a coll. race held there.

Reading, PA ... well actually the burb of Wyomissing, is where I grew up. I think the boulder boys are being a little rough when they call it a "Blade Runer-esque ville" ... downtown is pretty sad and there are plenty of empty former manufacturing facilites but they burbs have flurished, which is about all you can ask in the US. Big upside .... the new 953 steel tubeset is made there..


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