Friday, August 25, 2006

A thought on doping in cycling

I said earlier that I wasnt going to talk about the whole Floyd, Operation Portopottie, or anything like that but the comment below was a reply to a friend who sent me this link,, and wasn't intented as a blog post...but it pretty much sums up what I think:

As much as I believe in transparency, due process, and burden of proof (i.e. I still think the blood doping test is shaky, scientifically, at best) I also don't think I "know" people like Floyd, Tyler or Ulrich or that they need me to "support" them...also, if these guys are clean, I don't think they have done much to help the sport in terms of speaking openly about the drug problem....honestly, in a weird way, Jose Conseco is sort of one of the most upstanding guys in sports to me.....we need a slew of finger pointers in cycling...

I give less and less about "pro" cycling, at least in terms of following results its more fun/exciting for me to follow the results of elite (but not pro) friends or see Adam Myerson get 6th at a big-time crit then Floyd win the TDF....


Blogger Isabelle said...

Go AFHM! I'm with you.

4:22 PM  
Blogger PAB said...

Well, Canseco is a jerk. And I have no doubt that money was a huge part of why he chose to blow the whistle.

But, at least he did it, and it would be good if more pro athletes followed their conscience instead of the 'code of silence'.

And yes, following our local heroes and their racing exploits is just as fun than following the euros--in fact, probably more so.

How do we get more/better coverage of them?

3:10 PM  

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