Monday, July 03, 2006

I dont know about the Gomer Pyle haircut but I like what he has to say

I wont be commenting on the TDF ( the doping charges or the race itself) plenty of people got that covered but I liked this quote from Zabel ... he's got a 12 year old son who races the Jr. ranks, so he's got something to worry about besides his own paycheck.

"Cycling is perhaps the sport that is most like real life," the winner of six Tour de France Green jerseys continued. "Every guy can take part in it and be successful: Big, small, fat, thin - you see all of them in the field and depending on the circumstances, each group can put its own characteristics to use; for example, a lighter rider in the mountains or a heavier one in the sprint. And just like in real life, we have gangsters and honourable men, clever ones and dumb ones. Maybe that's why everyone loves our sport so much."


Blogger Miss Mary said...

i like that one.

thanks LJ.

2:49 PM  

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