Carleton Yoder is probably one of the few artisan cheesemakers in the country who picks up his main ingredient in a Honda minivan with his toddler's car seat strapped in front of nine stainless steel milk cans." Read the rest of the article here

Also check out the new "Vermont Cheese Book" which features Champlain Valley Creamery among 33 VT Cheesemakers.

Yoda and I have known each other since 3rd grade, we were college room-mates, and I was there when he and his wife went on one of their first "dates" (uhhhh....ask me sometime what that date comprised of). He's got a degree in engineering, is a former hard cider maker, DIY cheese guru and generally all around good guy .... he is basically the coolest person I know.

While if you are here in CA I cant really tell you to run out and get his product (right now he's chosen to keep it local/regional) you can find his cheese around VT, New England and sometimes as far south as NYC.