Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I love math .....

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Well look who is back

So look who decided to start blogging again. Since he has utilized the "cute puppy pic" I've decided to post a snap of chemo in her younger days .... just to keep readership up (ha!)

FYI our happy veggie eater and his every expanding family seem to big digging there new homestead in CO.

Friday, April 21, 2006

KOM or King of Dope

So Kirk Obee grabbed the KOM jersey for a stage .... nothing like having someone who got busted grab a leaders jersey in the biggest stage race the US has ..... I wonder what BJM thinks of it .... wonder if the D.S. boys will have anything to say. Funny, I was shocked when Obee sneaked back onto the Navigators team after serving his suspension ... the cycling media (and the "cycling public") didnt make a peep about it.

If you dont think doping is a "real" problem check out this forum that I found when googling "Kirk Obee suspension" (note "vitamins" in this thread = hgh, epo, andro ect...)

some highlights

"So if I had access to anything I'd use hGH"

" i am talented, and i know i will get to cat 2 this year... i did a 2 month cycle of hgh about 6 months ago"

"You should post some questions and do some searchs on the Elite Fitness Anabolic Discussion Board"

"So setup the vitamins to coincide with a period of hard training and/or a period of intense racing. Rider and I need to be careful as we could be tested (however I now feel that the cycling federation has zero money for drug testing based on the number of major races last season that they DID NOT test at-rider will back me up-we did a major US race with some Euro guys in attendance and it was STOOOPID fast and there was ZERO testing-ZERO-and certain US riders were tearing the legs off of the rest of us pros included-yeah they were clean-NOT!). "

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

You would think a bunch of marine scientists wouldn't get excited...

But we do .... Its baby time (seals, sea otters, duckies, ect) in Monterey and its tough not to sit around with a coffee on a great morning like to day and just blow a couple of hours watching a baby seal following its mommy around .... on the beach, in the water, on the rocks, back on the beach. You should have seen the visiting Italians go nuts yesterday when a sea otter walked up on the beach .... sometimes I really like this place

Monday, April 17, 2006

A Little Behind the Curve ... but I've got some props to give

Well Sea Otter is more then a week gone, people are now talking about Copperwhateverthrace (see here and here ), and I'm just gettin around to spiel'n about it need to blabber on about my race (quick note ... one of my cats has taken to sitting in front of my screen and staring at me, so I'm typing this half blind), I could have rode harder but I had a great time and it feels good to say "I raced" for the first time in a couple of years.

A couple of props, first goes to Miss Mary who crashed with Stacy and I on Thursday and Friday nights. You always read about how a teams support staff is up before the riders and goes to sleep long after they are tucked away but seeing how hard MM was bustin her ass really made me respect her commitment to the VB's ... I hope she takes a little time for herself so she can enjoy racin this CX season. On those lines I've got to give it up for Ana .... I dont know him well, I think I might have only talked to him a couple of times, but it takes some serious intestinal fortitude to mix it up with the best MTBers in the world (world, olympic, us, canadian, french, spanish ect champs galore) for 4, ya count them, 4 straight days. There is always plenty of bitching (rightfully) about sandbaggers but I dont think we, as a community, take enough time to recognize people like Ana who go out there and test themselves against the best competition they can find.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Maybe I should act my age......

Getting all excited about the sea otter, even though I dont think I'll be able to hang out much, if at all, till the weekend ..... but with Miss Mary, AEEC (also ex east coaster) Sami and there fella staying with us and the "running boys" next door it will be tough not to blow off a little work and check it out on Wed or Thursday.

Of course on the way home today I passed the Kona "A-team" Van and trailer on Route 1 ... I got all giddy like a kid going to the beach .... is that normal for a guy my age?

Oh....somebody drop this guy an email and tell him to get back on the blog ... see what happens when you leave the east coast for get all Un-angry and have nothing to blog about