Thursday, February 09, 2006

Bike Therapy

After last week, where I got 5 good rides in, this week has been a bit of a bust ... no energy on Tuesday or Wed. to ride ... work/shopping/eat/zone/sleep has been about it.

Last night I swore I would at least commute into work today and ride home with the Thursday Hopkins Happy Ride. Got up bleary eyed as usual, had a cup of joe, and hoped on the bike for my about hour ride into the station....after about 5 minutes I felt great and by the time I hit the path I was awake enough to realize its a crazy beautiful day and I had avoided sitting in Pro Am traffic on 1. Had a great ride, got my 15 minutes of mid in, and rolled into the station as a bunch of seals were playfully jumping around a sea otter and her pup .... after a shower and a fresh cup of Acme Coffee I sat back a thought how great a little ride can make you feel.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Who is the coolest cycling type in the room?

Sitting around in our kitchen on sat night yapping over dinner the following conversation took place:

L.J. and his S.O.: "ya...we are thinking of visiting the giro or the classics on our next trip to Europe"

aka Zoie : "I saw the Tour of Flanders (insert discussion of great racing, Belgium and beer)"

snerf : softly in the background "I raced in the Tour of Flanders .... I think? or was that Flech Wallone?" .... after poking around the web and "ok...ya....I did that race"

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I hate golf ... I wanna play lacrosse

yippie ... the pro/am is coming to town ... maybe I'll shell out $50 to watch michael bolton putt ... wtf...