Friday, June 23, 2006

quote of the week

"Shaving cream on your legs is for teenage girls. I just use soap. On my face, though, I like Kiss My Face or any other metro-style natural/organic shave cream."

backed up by

"Single speed is an equipment choice, not a category."


Tuesday, June 20, 2006 was a PARTY!?!?!?

My favorite dope is back in the news .. "pot belge", a mix of cocaine, caffeine, pain killers, sometimes amphetamine and heroine. No you've got to be impressed that someone sat down and thought "hey, this would be a GREAT mix to inject in my arm!". If your going to dope I guess you should dope big. Actually, I think I've read some people also throw EPO in the mix ... there is a thought, thicken your blood then jack yourself up on coke and ampletamines ... your heart wont explode, really.

So where did this all come up, seems Fabian Roux claims he was introduced to the stuff at a party with JaJa organized by a fan club .... thats some fan club. We'll I guess it was a party, some of us get a keg others grab a little pot belge.... lovely

dopers suck


Friday, June 02, 2006

Let us not forget Tiananmen

On June 3rd, 1989 the Chinese government used the might of their army to violently crush a student led, but popularly backed, uprising. Centered in Tiananmen, the call for reform had spread throughout the country.

Since that time the government of China has mixed economic reform with hardline political oppression...a combination that has seemed to make the west forget the violence they brought upon their own citizens.

Is capitalism, even under political oppression, really the path to eventual freedom in China? I don't have the answers but I urge you to take some time and watch "The Tank Man", a Frontline program available online and remeber those, if only for a short time, had their goddess of democracy and hope that they, through non-violent means, could help their country to achieve a more open and free society.