Saturday, December 31, 2005

Is this wrong?

I just had my first 2005 Anchor Christmas (not bad...but not as good as 2004) ... I drank it while making latkes for chanukka .... is that wrong?

Friday, December 30, 2005

Why you shouldnt let dirty vegetarians alone in your house!

This is what happens! I left this shaky detritovore alone and he tried to wreck our fridge in an attempt to soil all our sweet sweet meat products ... and he grabbed the Le Couffe on the way out ... bastard (photo credit: AFHM)

Anyone seen the cup?

Hmmm....just thinking...."the cup" didnt make any appearances this year ... not surprising considering Jake and El Gato weren't on the scene .... I wonder if Jake realizes he was in Europe a little early for cross worlds???

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Jam Econo

Check it out ... Watt's got a new ride (is this the DIY version of pimp my ride?)

while your at it hit the hootpage

"Punk rock is whatever we made it to be" - D. Boone

Jersey Idea

So every club, team, shop, bike brand, comic book, coahing service (ect) has its own jersey these days..... John at JBV Coaching isnt sporting one yet ..... I came up with this idea ... perfect for fatty masters who would stretch out his face nicely

Dreams are free...mutherfuckers!

Links are fixed and a couple of thoughts

I fixed the links (dont you feel better)....gotz to stop messing with the templates...duh. A couple of random thoughts (in words and pictures)

I hate starbucks ... I went there this moring because its close and place by my office that has good coffee has crappy expresso/latte's/ect and I was digging a big milky drink .... all it did was piss me off...what was I thinking ... oh speaking of my office ... here is a pic:

so what else dont I like ..... oh ya ... top ten lists .... in the paper, on tv, on the radio .... total waste of time .... we already heard what everyone had to say about (insert topic here) once ... I dont need the rehash ....I leave you with two other thoughts :

did I fuck this thing up?

hmmm...might have ditched all my links....

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

One more for today .... Max ... RIP

Stacy (my S.O.) and I lost our dobe Max to some sort of lung disease soon after moving to was unexpected, but he didnt suffer and we had 6 plus great years with our dopy dobe. One of the best things about Max , and any adopted pet is that I could wake up every day feeling good that I saved my best friends life ...... anyone who tells you they NEED to get a puppy/kitten/baby whatever so "they can bond with me" is talking 100% shit...there is no nice way to say it. When you adopt you get the advantage of knowing the personality of the pet your getting (I'll never understand why people think knowing the parents of a pet tells you more about what the dog/cat/whatever will be like then simply going to a rescue or shelter and meeting a adult pet that has been evalutated) PLUS there is a special me crazy (you wont be the first) but they KNOW you saved them and they return you kindess 5000x in puppy love....nothing beats it ..... so if your going to get a pet go to and save a life.

below is a pic of max ... in Adam Fuckin Hodges Myersons Car ..... he was a good boy ... who will be missed (not by our little cat Rescue ... who suddenly has become an extrovert since Max's passing)

I added some links...more exciting stuff

Todd Wells ... former HPCX cohort Alec R .... miss mary from the Vello Bellas .... its getting better all the time here... no?

Friday, December 02, 2005


So now I have a blog

BFD....but at least I might as well explain the name of the blog....I'm not the Kinky Freedman sidekick Little Jewford....but thats where I got the nickname. Back in the day I worked P/T at Highland Park Cyclery in Central the time everyone got a nickname....the guy who spoke castillian spanish at home was "the mexican", the 5' 4' guy who was planning to enter marines was "the Conlonel", Moss was Moss, he already had a nickname, and since I was the jewish guy (in a jewish town who had a MTB custom painted like an El AL plane) and the owner frequently played K.F. I got the nickname Little Jewford....not a P.C. place but fuck it , we enjoyed ourselves. I dont miss Jersey but I miss those days in the shop....