Tuesday, September 26, 2006

and Turkey wants in the EU?

Yet they pull this shit...

What are they thinking? I don't think anyone is supportive of Kurdish nation including a breakaway region of Turkey yet the Turkish government feels they should try people for any type of "pro-kurdish" actions...Including writing a letter opposing the shut down of a foreign based Kurdish TV station .... yes the station broadcasts sepratist attacks on Turkish targets but prosecuting those who voice their opinion (nobody claims they directly support any kind of violent acts) is completely out of bounds .... and its not like there is a free media system within Turkey where the Kurdish "voice" can be heard ..... you don't realize the desperation of Turkish Kurds unless you've seen it

I am anti "terrorism", including attacks by the PKK, and other similar groups but when the reaction is a total oppression of a peoples identity.....Well I just don't get it...

dreams are free .... motherfuckers....

my mood.....

Here comes the song, I love it so much
Makes me wanna go fuck shit up
Now, I got nirvana in my head
I'm so glad I'm not dead.....

Friday, September 22, 2006

Happy B-day (according to Mary) and good luck to Jackson

Well according to Miss Mary birthday greetings are in order for the J-M's brothers .... so happy birthday and good luck to Jackson in tomorrows world RR (thats his butt in the pic)

Thursday, September 21, 2006

The coolest bike site I've seen in a long time

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Do you think this is legit?

So I post a pair of wheels for sale on Craigslist .... dont expect a ton of response because they are "niche" wheels..... tubulars build with GEL 330's (see the full description below) .... but I get an email pretty quickley from "alex_wayne_001@yahoo.com" who just created his account a week ago:

i'm intrested in ur product and i will like to know the condition and and the trm of payment.thanks ALEX"

Unless its Alex from V.B., and his mastery of the english language has gone down hill, I'm guessing this is a scam...there is a suprise...

If anyone is interested in the wheels leave me a comment and I'll get in touch...these might seem a bit "old school" but they are a light and I'm sure sweet riding racing set of hoops:

I have a new hand built (back in New Jersey, Bob at Allbrunswick...which means nothing to people here) tubular wheelset for sale. Built in the winter of 04-05 from new old stock rims when I thought would be racing again the following season...it never happened. New except for being thrown on a bike and ridden around the driveway to see how cool they look. Glued but should be reglued ... I see no problems with the tires or basetape and, of course, would adjust the price if that proves otherwise.

Tires: TUFO - S3 Light <215 Red/Yellow sidewalls
Front (28h, Radial):
Hub Dura Ace 7700
rim Mavic GEL 330
spokes Wheel Smith XL15 (1.8-1.5-1.8mm)
nipples Wheel Smith Alloy
Rear (28h, 3x):
ub Dura Ace 7700 (8/9/10)
rim Mavic GEL 330
spokes Wheel Smith XL15 (1.8-1.5-1.8mm)
nipples Wheel Smith Alloy

I'm guessing the are in the under 1400 to mid 1400g range and would
be, with tires, betwen $550 to $600 (I'm baseing both of those
estimates that on Excel sports online wheelbuilder and bicycletire.com
prices for TUFO's). Really nice riding all around racing wheelset.

I tried to find a completed ebay auction to base the price on but
couldnt find anything really similar (the handbuilt tubular wheelsets
were all oldschool and used or track). I think $300 for the pair would be
fair considering they are basically new. If you are interested drop me
a line...Located in Monterey but I make it to Santa Cruz and San Jose
pretty often....can snap some pics if you like.



Tuesday, September 12, 2006

out of funkin control

So frankie admits to doping in todays NYT.....uggg....he is one of the few guys who's admissions would bum me out. Thats offically it, I basically think every euro-pro winning is doped to the gills. I do applaude his confession....we need more finger pointing.

Now...who do you think the other rider was...got to be american...in the bike biz.....I'll have to go with Livingston....any guesses?

1999 tour team:
181. Lance Armstrong (USA)  
182. Frankie Andreu (USA)
183. Pascal Deramé (Fra)
184. Tyler Hamilton (USA)
185. George Hincapie (USA)
186. Kevin Livingston (USA)
187. Peter Meinert-Nielsen (Den)
188. Christian Vandevelde (USA)
189. Jonathan Vaughters (USA)

Friday, September 08, 2006

Believe AFM

From the Cycle-Smart blog:


My respose was:

Some losing battles are worth fighting, and doping in sports is one of them. I’m a professional athlete, a professional cyclist, in fact. For me there’s a very clear difference between the equipment I choose, the air I breathe, or the food I eat, and requiring illegal medical assistance to recover from training or to enhance my performance — particularly if the manner of using those substances bypasses the body’s checks and balances of the lungs and stomach and is taken intravenously. That’s the difference between living at altitude or taking a vitamin, and injecting synthetic EPO that Dr. Fost seems to miss.

Sports are games, it’s true. And games have rules. Playing by those rules and seeing what a human is capable of within those rules is the very essence of sports. Dr. Fost says those rules are hypocritical, but it’s his logic that most of the dopers I know use to justify their actions, and rationalize thier contribution to what is now an epidemic in sport.

When I descend a mountain or sprint in a pack, I know what the risks are. I can see them plainly. But I shouldn’t be forced to take unknown medical risks simply as an requirement for participation in my sport. If my genetics determine that no matter how hard I train, I won’t recover as well or transport oxygen as quickly as the best, that’s the whole point of competition. I can always do something else, or compete at a lower level. Right now, I compete at a lower level on the US pro circuit because I compete cleanly. I can live with that, literally and figuratively.

All I can say if fuck ya .... I think I should get some "Believe AFM" pins made ...

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Remember who I said I'd rather cheer for?

Previously I mentioned "its more fun/exciting for me to follow the results of elite (but not pro) friends or see Adam Myerson get 6th at a big-time crit then Floyd win the TDF...."

Well how about listing live to this guy get 7th at the uspro ... would have been even more exciting if the two strongest "competitors" would have actually been racing against each other. Either way 7th in a race where only about 10 guys finished the entire distance is one kick ass ride